Introducing Cado Live — A Free Forensic Imaging Tool for the Cloud

I started the Medium account Forensic Labs some time ago, mostly posting on cloud forensics.

At the time I added a little link saying “Sign Up if you’d like to beta-test a cloud forensic tool”.

When I posted the articles I was gauging interest. And after a few hundred people signed up — I decided I’d better actually build something!

Today we are releasing a free imaging tool called Cado Live.

We’ve built a platform to automate incident response and forensics in AWS — you can deploy it from the AWS Marketplace here. You can also download a free playbook we’ve written on how to respond to security incidents in AWS.

[ You can download Cado Live here ]

Just burn the image to a USB and plug it into a target device. Cado Live will then make a forensic copy of the entire disk and send it into Cloud Storage.

We will be releasing two more free tools shortly — you can get a preview of them here.

After that, we will be releasing a solution to analyse forensic data and respond to incidents.

If you’d like to sign up to beta-test any of these, and haven’t already, you can sign up to pilot here.



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